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What our Clients Say

Darlene Zschech – Composer, Worship Leader, Pastor, Speaker

Susan Sohn is one of my nearest and dearest friends. She has an inimitable gift to get to the heart of the matter, and whether in person, speaking, through social media, radio or in her writing, she makes it one-to-one. Authentic identity not only defines her passion, it describes who she is. Funny, bold, and free,  if you want your audience to be engaged, inspired, and entertained I highly recommend Susan.


Andrew Palmer – Director, Beyond Festival 

As Director of the Beyond Festival, a Justice and Music Festival based in Canberra, Australia. This venture was an attempt to bring diverse groups together under the shared values of compassion, justice, peace, welcome and celebration. It was an outstanding success. Crucial to this success was the skill of Susan Sohn. Her capacity to quickly grasp the heart of the event and then communicate this to disconnected groups without established networks enabled us to get our message and brand in front of a very large number of interested people. Susan was excellent to work with. She is personable, inquisitive, focused and kept me in the loop of decision-making and strategy at all times. Her excellent understanding of how social networking works enabled her to focus our communication. Further, Susan expresses natural warmth that makes communication easy. She displays genuine interest and personal engagement in the process and I am convinced this is the secret to her effectiveness: she looked at Beyond from the point of view of a prospective attendee and asked herself what was necessary to communicate the event effectively. From here she developed her strategy and then delivered. I could not have been happier with her work. Susan displays great personal integrity in all her dealings. For me, this element is a deal breaker: competence without character leads to corruption. I am delighted that Susan has such high personal standards. I warmly commend her to any company looking to grow their brand in the public sphere.


Claire Braund – Women on Boards

Susan unpacks the speed and complexity of social media with her engaging style and some great strategies for making it work for your company.


Jessica Smith – Product Marketing at WealthEngine

Susan has maintained a huge following because she has the keen ability to connect the right people with the right ideas to inspire people around the world.  People love her because, as her brand suggests, she keeps it real. She empowers her community to talk about issues that are hard to talk about and turns people’s vulnerabilities into a source of inspiration. She also provides a platform for brands to be authentic and a natural part of the story-telling process that ensues. Susan is a powerhouse and it’s why her brand has been on an upward trajectory since its inception.


Jenny Gurry – Founder & Executive Director at Diamond Pregnancy Support Inc

Honesty I could not recommend Susan enough…her professionalism, knowledge, understanding and ability to translate all her knowledge and skills across industries is impeccable. I view her as not just a service provider but a Business Partner. Working with Susan has been one of the highlights of my year and career. I look forward to a long term relationship with her! Thank you again Susan!!


David & Katie Kobler – Your Choicez

David – My wife and I attended Susan’s Get Real Live Social Media workshop and it has revolutionised our understanding of social media. We came in with what we thought was a good understanding of how to use most social media outlets but walked away with a wealth of valuable knowledge. The information was incredibly practical and already I am reaping the rewards of implementing some of her strategies. Susan is dynamic, knowledgeable, engaging and innovative. I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of using her services.

Katie – After listening to Susan’s Social Media workshop and taking some time to think over it – I can see that this is the very thing that our business is needing! I’m very grateful for the time that Susan took to train myself and the others who attended. Her workshop was professional, yet personalised and allowed each of us attending to ask questions and talk through scenarios which applied to our own area of interest. I would highly recommend this training and also Susan herself to anyone looking to increase the potential impact of their business or organisation. 


Rachel Watts – 3 Chord Design

I walked away empowered – seeing fruit from training immediately. Susan opened my eyes to ‘smart’ management of Social Media mediums. I used to think she sat on her phone 24/7 knowing just how much Social Media is her platform. I soon leaned the tools of her trade. I am excited to see the things I dreamt of doing for a while now unfold, i honestly kept in a too hard basket and kept walking passed it telling myself one day someone will help you…. That someone was Susan. I have to say that dream is no longer in any basket. Its on the page. Is there more to learn… oh I do hope so. As long as Social Media evolves of course there will be. I look forward to engaging in the discussion further with Susan, she is fun and she helps you make things happen. As ongoing training unfolds i believe the potential of my dream will too.