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We are a small team that does big things


Let the numbers speak. With over 200 million client-driven social media impressions, over 69,000 discrete online radio listeners and counting, Susan J Sohn is a verified social/mobile/online media maverick. Susan has worked with many people throughout her career and has hand picked this team and put it together for one reason - IT WORKS! Both Christer and Callum are passionate about what they do and the clients they get the honour of working with. Christer's ability to dig deep and find the audiences clients need to engage with is compelling. He watches every dollar spent and monitors the level of engagement down the the finest detail. Callum is a design genius and is sought out by some of the best content creators in the business and he chooses to work with SomoSociety. His ability to create content that is relevant, engaging and tells a story is exceptional. Callum incorporates his photography, art and design in a stunning way. Callum is a designer that understands the client, he researches and adopts an understanding that goes beyond a design brief allowing him to seamlessly create expressions of their business. We deal in real time and we create beauty for clients. Before we take one step we engage with our clients, we learn, we listen and from there we CREATE with Care and Precision.