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‘If content is King, then Engagement is Queen’ ~ Susan J Sohn

SomoSociety is all about being Socially Mobile. It is an ecosystem of end customers, clients and Social Media Gurus interfacing around the things that they are passionate about. We create compelling content and engage in meaningful ways resulting in relationships that have depth and purpose.

We connect the dots and deliver results based on compelling content, authentic engagement that leads to relationships resulting in relational transactions. We love what we do and we are really good at delivering results. We create a social/digital footprint that speaks to people who want to hear your message but may not even know you exist. We help you connect in a way that is organic yet seasoned with intention.

Instead of spending time telling you what we do, we are busy doing what we are great at. If you’d like to connect email us at so we can chat to you about your vision, your needs and how we can help you achieve your goals and connect you with your tribe.