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I write as Director of the Beyond Festival, a Justice and Music Festival based in Canberra, Australia.

Held for the first time in 2015, Beyond was an attempt to bring diverse groups together under the shared values of compassion, justice, peace, welcome and celebration. It was an outstanding success.

Crucial to this success was the skill of Susan Sohn. Her capacity to quickly grasp the heart of the event and then communicate this to disconnected groups without established networks enabled us to get our message and brand in front of a very large number of interested people.

Susan was excellent to work with. She is personable, inquisitive, focused and kept me in the loop of decision-making and strategy at all times.

Susan has an excellent understanding of how social networking works and she was able to harness this in order to focus our communication.

Further, Susan expresses natural warmth that makes communication easy. She displays genuine interest and personal engagement in the process and I am convinced this is the secret to her effectiveness: she looked at Beyond from the point of view of a prospective attendee and asked herself what was necessary to communicate the event effectively. From here she developed her strategy and then delivered. I could not have been happier with her work.

Susan displays great personal integrity in all her dealings. For me, this element is a deal breaker: competence without character leads to corruption. I am delighted that Susan has such high personal standards.

I warmly commend her to any company looking to grow their brand in the public sphere.

Andrew Palmer – Director, Beyond Festival

Digital Marketing

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