You are invited to this One-Day Digital Marketing Intensive (Tuesday, December 6). With limited spots available we hope you’ll make every effort you can to join us. These days have proved to be highly sought after and beneficial for everyone involved.

There will be hands-on practical guidance. We will look at the importance of Blogs, Facebook Posts, Twitter, Instagram, Automation, the value of your Database – why it is your goldmine and how something like SnapChat can be incorporated into your digital plan for your business. This One-Day Intensive is a mix of lecture, group work and relevant exercises. This is a real ‘HOW TO’ when it comes to understanding your Social Spaces, how to use them effectively in your marketing campaigns and how all platforms can work for you whilst sharing different messages.

What to do now? Book your spot (secure it early as there are limited spaces available), watch for your emails and fill out our pre-event questionnaire. Bring your own laptop and get ready to dive into all the spaces you currently occupy.

Things to remember and to prepare yourself for this course;

‘YOU CAN’T GROW WHAT YOU DON’T MEASURE.’ We will look at how you measure and monitor your activities. 
‘IF CONTENT IS KING, THEN ENGAGEMENT IS QUEEN.’ We will help you create compelling content and develop meaningful engagement because, 

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