What a great night we managed to spend together. It certainly worked out for the people it was meant for. Spending part of our Saturday night with you guys was inspiring and motivating. Thanks for taking the time to invest into your business through something we have to offer.


As promised I am providing you with the training material that was shared. I hope it is of value to you and always remember that I am only a Tweet, Insta or Facebook message away if you get stuck or need clarification on anything. Also, if you would like to follow up on any of the discussions about helping you move forward in a more personal/hands on way you can always email me at susan@getreallive.com or you can make it easy and book an appointment with me that I will see immediately and will allow me space to start thinking about how we can work together to take your message further. I am passionate about seeing your business and or Ministry grow through these spaces, so please don’t hesitate to ENGAGE. Click HERE to book a time to connect.

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Information for the training session mentioned above:
Let the numbers speak. With over 200 million client-driven social media impressions, over 69,000 discrete online radio listeners and counting, Susan J Sohn is a verified social | mobile |online media maverick. Her core vehicle is GetRealLive Radio, a hybrid online radio |social media |blog | live events community, which has hosted guests such as Curtis Stone, Andre Carthen, Peter Walsh, Darlene Zschech, and featured countless inspirational stories of everyday hereos. She has launched #1iTunes music albums, created social media engagement for a live event with 60,000 attendees, has grown a client Facebook page from 35,000 to over 1 Million in less than 2 years, and worked with global clients such as Ferrero Rocher, who recognise her gift for authentic engagement via compelling content creation.

In these 90-minute sessions, Susan offers an understanding of True and Authentic Engagement through Social spaces whereby she will share her knowledge, wisdom and proven success about engagement and how you can establish, grow and enhance your client base.

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